Store Opening Event for West Elm Beverly Boulevard

SO.MUCH.FUN! Last night I went to the store opening event for the new West Elm on Beverly Blvd with one of my besties and my husband that was hosted by some of my favorite bloggers. I had been excited for this event for weeks, obsessing about what to wear and how to talk to the blog icons and what to talk about if I can muster the courage to approach these amazing women.
The event was hosted by some of my favorite bloggers- Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, Bri from DesignLoveFest (so much love!), and Kelly from Mrs. Lilien, as well as Amy Smart and her hottie carpenter husband, Carter Oosterhouse. I have such a bloggirl crush on so many of them and Liz is equally obsessed with them- thanks to tray passed champagne, we were able to say hi with a little more ease. On the note of tray passed champagne, they had tray passed hors d'oeuvres and dessert and everything was delicious.I also found a new favorite drink, a Moscow Mule. Why had I not tried this before and when can I have another one?!

How cute are these super tiny donuts???

 I really love West Elm's style and there were so many fun finds. I really couldn't focus on shopping with all the people watching I wanted to do, but I'll be back soon to stock up on home treats.
Ottoman Obsession- love this pattern
I've wanted one for so long- perhaps a post holiday purchase is in order
Sounds like such a killer scent and adorably packaged
LAMP!!!!! ...want...
Golden pillows? Yes please! You know I love my gold!
How about this for your holiday table?
A close up, I love the use of moss
Owl measuring cups
Bicycle fabric cases
How sweet are these bowl? I love the pattern on the inside
Arial shot
Me with Bri Emery of Design Love Fest and Liz of Elizabeth Zuluaga Photography

Is she not the most adorable???
heart ornament

photobooth fun!

The cutest little boy asking Cupcakes and Cashmere's Emily for a cupcake
with Emily and Liz
Emily's signature nails and check out her shoes!
hot pink top, glittering gold belt, and polka dot tights- love!
With Kelly of Mrs. Lilien who could not have been sweeter

My Mr. walked out with some surprises
It made my night to chat with Bri, Emily, and Kelly who were all so nice and so appreciative of the guests that came. I cannot even to begin to talk about the great style of everyone in the room, but the interior design crowd never disappoints! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend- rest up, shop lots, and eat something amazing!


  1. Yes!!!! So-much-fun! Love this post and loved hanging out with you last night. I can now die a happy woman. Stay tuned for my post! xo

  2. oh.my.goodness. this sounds like so much fun!! so cool you got to meet all those fabulous bloggers!

  3. I bought that bicycle lunch bag. Glad to see I wasn't the only one. Last night was fun!


  4. Hi- I happen to stumble upon this post. This event looked like so much fun! I wish I lived in Cali to attend. Loll. I'm in New York and we have West Elm as well. Love it! Love Emily's blog and style!


  5. This was a great re-cap of the night, it really was a good event!


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