Stahl House

Photo by Julius Shulman
Sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own city. To do the things you normally wouldn't because they are always there and you take them for granted. Just off Laurel Canyon sits a pretty special treat. The Stahl House (Case Study #22) offers tours of the home led by the Stahl children who grew up in the famous home. We were able to view the home with a small group and take plenty of pictures, ask questions, sit in the living room, and peak around. It was a really amazing day that I won't forget and if you enjoy midcentury architecture or great LA views, you should definitely look into this.      


Have you been to the Stahl House? What about other architecturally significant homes in LA? The Case Study Program is amazing and would love to hear about any of the homes you've been to.

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  1. did they ever film mad men there? it looks so familiar!!


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