OMG Becky, Look at her Butt!!!

Don't let this be you!

There is a lot to be said about working in an office and the culture of your work place. I have a LOT to add to this topic, but for today I want to address one little issue- VPL. You know what I mean ladies- we are talking about visible panty lines. We've all seen this and probably are all guilty of this at some point in our lives. There's that day you walk in and someone from your office walks by with this heinous VPL situation and you can't help but notice because it's just so horrendous. Obviously this isn't only an issue in an office, but there's something about it happening in an office that just lends itself to a more uncomfortable situation. Since it's an issue happening everywhere (ugh, and sometimes at the gym, that's really a sight to avoid!), it's important to be aware of what's happening back there. Wikipedia even has an entry for this obscenity. There are definitely ways around this and we should really explore these options.

  • First off, there's the easiest- wearing underwear that doesn't lend itself to a panty line- i.e- a thong or one of those anti-line panties. 
  • Second, let's talk Spanx girls. Eveyone wears them from time to time and they are a life saver. Spanx will for sure help conceal any VPL if you must wear the FB (full butt). They also have this wonderful way about them that helps tighten you up and leaves you feeling only slightly uncomfortable all day.* 
  •  Option 3 is more of a trial and error approach. Certain fabrics tend to cling to one another leaving not just VPL, but also leaving bulk and cling. Avoid this at all costs. You can sport the FB comfortably in certain jeans or pants you have, perhaps under an A line dress and maybe under certain slacks. Proceed with caution on this one though, ladies. This is really about understand what fabrics will work well with other fabrics and takes some additional thought when getting ready in the morning. For example- do not pair a cotton boyshort with a cotton skirt- this will create a butt disaster! A lace or similarly thin boyshort may be appropriate under other garments that a cotton panty just won't work with.

Perhaps one of the biggest VPL offenders isn't when you see the line against the butt, but when you see the underwear above the waistline of pants- "the whale tail" I believe is what some call this situation. Never good- this isn't a brief moment of the early 2000's when certain girls thought this was cute- it's not cute, it's trashy.

For more reading on this subject, please check out Oprah's Panty Intervention- complete with visual aids.

Thanks for bearing with me ladies (and maybe a gent or two)- feel free to email this to a guilty coworker or maybe an aunt who needs to take a hint! 

Do you have any repeat offenders you catch doing this? I want to hear your VPL victim stories! What about anyone who wears white pants with white underwear? Another major faux pas! SHARE!!!

*Note about Spanx- putting them on is probably one of the most unattractive things to witness, EVER! So please be sure you are alone when putting them on and taking them off. 

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  1. hahaha! this is hilarious desiree! i have so much to say but for now, seriously ladies, don't wear tight gym clothes without the proper undergarments -- this is particularly heinous. especially when you decide to wear that same gym attire out in public. you're doing yourself and everyone around you a diservice.


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