800 Degrees Pizza

Because there are only actually a few good lunch options in Westwood (Fundamental LA and Casa Azul to name a few, VERY few), it's really exciting when we get a new spot that comes with credentials. 800 Degrees just opened by Adam Fleischman and the Umami Burger team and I was chomping at the bit to try one of their pizzas made fresh and baked in a wood fired oven on the spot. I was there on the second day it opened and I'm happy to welcome 800 degrees to the neighborhood!  The concept is similar (but a zillion times better) to Subway- you walk in, order whatever you want on your pizza, order sides, burrata, salad, etc. Your food is ready almost by the time you are done paying. I don't drink soda almost ever, but I had to try their soda machine. It's a digital Coca-Cola machine that makes almost any soda you could want and if price were not an issue, it would be the best gift you could give to a soda lover. Everyone at 800 degrees was friendly and things seemed to be going smoothly on day 2- not an easy feat.

Assembling my margherita pizza

Dough prep

Selection of times- prosciutto and carmelized onions for me

Burrata with tomatoes and pesto

Finished pie

side of meatballs
The food is TASTY! The pizzas are thin, about the size of a CPK pizza, and are best eaten with a fork and knife. One thing I really liked is that the prosciutto doesn't go on the pizza until it comes out of the oven- the only way to do it as far as I'm concerned. The burrata is creamy and well seasoned with the tomatoes, pesto, salt and olive oil. Meatballs are BIG and finished with a parmesan crust and float in a tomato sauce. Go with a friend and split a few things. Will I be back? Absolutely- and sooner than later.


  1. Seriously Desiree - how do you know about everything awesome...like ten minutes before everyone else??! You're fantastic.

  2. I can't give away my secrets Kim! Let's get lunch soon since we are only a few steps from each other!


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