Did someone say burrata?

Burrata...the penultimate cheese- creamy on the center, soft skin on the outside. It's my absolute favorite of the cheese family. So good I could eat it like an apple, but I won't, because that's not ok, and I'd really prefer to eat it carefully to savour it. If you've never had burrata, I beg of you to please do your best to find some and prepare yourself something wonderful and indulge.

Mozza makes a pretty noteworthy caprese salad with roasted tomatoes and burrata. If you've had it, you know just how good it is. If you haven't had it, you should. Can't make it to Mozza, not to worry. The Mozza Cookbook has the recipe and if you can get your hands on good burrata, this is exactly what you should do with it.

My take on the Mozza caprese

Do you love burrata? What's your favorite cheese and your favorite way to eat it? Maybe you should schedule some burrata time this weekend and then come back and tell me all about it post cheese consumption!


  1. Dying over here, that looks absolutely delicious!

  2. This dish looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.


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