Lace- This is not just for your grandma's wedding dress anymore!

Wide lace tape, similar at Yozo Craft
There is something so beautiful about lace that makes my heart go pitter patter. While lace can often be traditional, I've been seeing a lot of lace lately used in modern ways and I'm so excited about this. When I was shopping for my wedding dress, I knew that without question, it had to be lace. I love seeing lace used for casual skirts, washi tape, stationary, and modern applications at home- not just doilies your grandma may have made for you.

Lace mini skirt from A Fine Fashion Frenzy
Lace top paired down with bright yellow skinnies
Lace top dressing up very casual sweats

Lace pencil skirt in turquoise
DIY lace envelope from We Love Laugh Kiss

Lace applique set into a dish from Duitang
DIY lace iphone case from Hey! Look What Melissa Made

DIY doily lamp from More Design Please
Incredible lace back of a beautiful wedding dress

Lace treatment on my wedding cake (still wows me!) from Style Me Pretty

Lace icing on cookies, just in time for Valentine's Day from Sweet Sugar Belle
Have you caught the lace bug?

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  1. I love a little lace! I bought a pair of white shorts with a lace overlay but never ended up wearing them b/c cotton was so thin and practically see-thru. Would love to find a better pair for this summer, though!


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