Mo Chica

Mo Chica is run by Ricardo Zarate (also of Picca) and recently relocated downtown right around the corner from Bottega Louie The new space is a perfect backdrop for their dishes- it's bright with a festive ambiance. I wanted to try practically every dish on the menu and luckily we went with friends so we were able to do some damage. Kicking off the night with a round of cocktails and then before we knew it, there was an abundance of Peruvian dishes that had taken over our table. Highlights include an alpaca stew and albacore ceviche.

Pisco Sour and Oaxacalifornia Love

BETERRAGA: Roasted beet salad, burrata, candied corn,
orange aji amarillo dressing

PAN CON TUNA: Grilled bread, spicy tuna, rocoto sauce, yuzu mayo

ESTOFADO DE ALPACA: Alpaca stew estofado, tagliatelle,
aji amarillo sauce, fried organic fertile egg

ARROZ CON MARISCOS: Peruvian seafood paella, salsa criolla

CAUSA DE CANGREJO: Aji amarillo mashed potatoes,
fresh crab, avocado

ALBACORE CEVICHE: seared albacore, leche de tigre,
Japanese cucumbers, spicy rocoto

CEVICHE CARRETILLERO:  Seabass, rocoto, red onion,
leche de tigre, choclo, yuyo

Pisco shots

PICARONES: sweet potato, kabocha peruvian beignets, star anise,
cloves,cinnamon, chancaca sauce

ALFAJORES: Peruvian cookies, dulce de leche & rocoto chocolate ganache

Such a great meal full of incredible flavors and capped off sweetly with Peruvian desserts. If you are downtown and looking to try something new, I recommend you take your sweet self over to Mo Chica. Have you been? What was your favorite dish?

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  1. My favorite dish was the Beet and Baby salad.


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