From Flipping Out to Flipping Disappointed

This is a little story about how I used my lunch break to write Jenni Pulos an email to invite her to a party. Of course, anytime you write an email to celebrity, you don't really except to hear anything back. But, you never know. Hollywood is a crazy place. Dreams come true all the time. There's always a small possibility of anything happening to anyone. If Lilo is still getting job offers, there is still hope that a Bravo celebrity could write me back. Right?

I'm Jenni Pulos and I'm probably a really nice person in real life

I sent this email on April 9, 2012:

Hi Jenni,

First, I just want to say what a big fan I am. I love Flipping Out, Interior Therapy and the Secret commercial you are in. You are just adorable. My good friend Desiree is also a major fan of yours. And, it's also her birthday soon! 

Desiree takes pride in the fact that she once saw 3/4 of your head in the car behind her while you were driving with Jeff. She also has an autograph from you in her cubicle at work. 

Since her birthday is coming up and she's having a lovely party at a private home in Encino, I thought I would take this opportunity to write and invite you. No pressure, but a rap would be amazing, too! 

If you are interested in coming, please let me know. It's on April 28th at 7pm. 

I hope you are doing well and can't wait for Wednesday at 10pm! 



Six days later I was shocked to see that I had received an email back from no other than Jenni herself! OMG you guys! 

Hi Carly,

Unfortunately I will be out of town the night of the party for Desiree. Thank you so much for the invite. Can you give me Desiree's number and I will call her on her birthday.
Hope the party is amazing.
Jenni Pulos


Jenni Freakin' Pulos responded to my email! And she wasn't creeped out! And she was going to call Desiree on her birthday in lieu of coming to her party. AND, she hoped the party was going to be amazing! (PS. It was!) So, I wrote back:

I'm in a state of utter shock. Jenni! How INCREDIBLY nice of you! 

Desiree's number is XXX-XXX-XXXX and her actual birthday is this Thursday, April 19th.

Again...wow! You always see these people on television and they look and act nice and you never know if it's real. I'm so glad that in your case it is! 

If you ever need a random favor, I'd be happy to help out! 

Wishing you nothing but the best forever and ever!


PS. Please forward my love to Zoila, Gage...and even Jeff! 

On April 18, the day before Desiree's birthday, I told her in the vaguest way possible: If a call comes to your cell phone from a number you don't recognize, answer it anyway. 

On the morning of April 19, upon my arrival at work I asked Desiree if anyone had called. Nothing yet I was told

11:47am: Nothing

1:42pm: Nothing

3:36pm: Nothing

5:57pm: Nothing

7:17pm: Nothing

10:21pm: Nothing

Pathetically, I kept asking well into the next day. 

To sum things up, Jenni had let me down. But what's worse, I'm sure she let herself down. 

Now, flash forward to May 9, a good 3 weeks after the actual birthday. Checking my email I get this! 

I am such a dope and never called Desiree. I still will even though it is a belated birthday wish now. Please accept my apology. 


Jenni, you have just totally redeemed yourself. You're not a dope! You're just a busy woman trying to make it in this male dominated world. Girrrrrrrrrlfriend, I get it. No love lost. I still love you...or do I? To let her know that I still love her, I write her back. 


You are so not a dope! I can't even imagine having a schedule like yours! A belated birthday call would be most awesome. You are, most awesome as well. 


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


It's been three months and Jenni has still not called. I now understand why Jeff makes faces like this all the time:

He's exhausted! Can you blame him? Insert my face into his hand and that's how I am still feeling. 

I know you're a good person, Jenni. I know you meant to call. I know how work and life and your wedding (best wishes by the way!) can be overwhelming and cause you to let things slip through the cracks. It's ok. I know you're feeling like this: 

HOW YOU'RE FEELING -------------------

But, don't feel so bad. We understand. We forgive you. 

I mean, I'll admit for a good two weeks I was cursing your name and shaking my fist at you, but then I realized that just the fact that you wrote back at all was an amazing thing in itself. I know you're a good person. And anyway, even if I did ever get angry, I know you have a body guard that could kick my ass. 

"Are you bite me, Carly?"

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