It pains me to admit to you the following to two pieces of information: 1) I had never been to the Brentwood Country Mart until last week which leads straight into 2) I had not been to Farmshop until last week. Maybe it's more painful for me because I was missing out on the cuteness and fabulosity of the Country Mart and the delicious freshness of the food from Farmshop. Farmshop looks like a restaurant set straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie and I was waiting for Meryl Streep and Steve Martin to walk in at any minute and peruse the cheese counter and gourmet market. Sadly I didn't have any Meryl or Steve sightings, but I was pretty impressed with my meal and my lovely surroundings. I have never been more sincere in saying I wanted to order every dish on the menu. I settled on sharing a corn and avocado salad followed by the Maine Lobster Roll, a sandwich I could not resist if I tried! I didn't splurge on any baked goods as I had my sights set on stopping by for a little ice cream treat from Sweet Rose Creamery, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be back to get my hands on a cookie or peanut butter chocolate tart!
Corn & Avocado Salad:
 herbed farro, poached cherry tomatoes, mizuna & bellwether dairy’s pepato cheese

Check out those gorgeous watermelon radishes

Maine Lobster Roll
toasted brioche, bread & butter pickles with french fries

Those white clouds are meringues and I need to try one!

yes to all of it please
 Please tell me you've been to Farmshop. If you haven't I promised you won't be disappointed. Put on your Brentwood's best and head on over for a treat!

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