Lately Loving: Ms. & Mrs. Mini Emergency Kit

Over the holidays I did a little gift swap with a friend and I was the recipient of this Ms. & Mrs. Mini Emergency Kit. Little did I know how this little kit would save the day more times than I would like to admit.

Without the help of this kit I would live in a bubble of shame..seriously. Let me recount for you a recent story of how it saved the day. Humiliating Scene: Walking into work in a cute orange skirt and pink and white striped sweater, pleased with my preppy and peppy outfit choice and ready to take on the day. As I'm riding up the elevator to my office I catch a glimpse of my backside in the mirrored elevator walls. OH NO..what is that? Um..I think my skirt seam right above the slit has split. Shock horror! No sarcasm here, actual shock and actual horror. My bum is almost visible and maybe it was as skirts have a tendency to ride up on occasion. Who saw my butt? The possibilities of the hundreds of people who walk and drive by on Wilshire Blvd right before 8am flash through my mind. Want to crawl into a hole and not come out for the rest of the day, please! After several expletives said under hushed breath as I scurry from the elevator to my desk I remember that I have a sewing kit on me and I can salvage the situation. I break out my mini sewing kit and rushed to the bathroom, dropped trow, and stitched up the backside of my skirt while hiding in a stall. Alright, the day might be redeemable..or at least no one else is going to see me bare it all from this point forth! Had I not had this on me at work I probably would have had to change into my yoga pants at my desk, which sounds pretty nice, but wouldn't look too cute with the striped sweater.

Seriously, this kit saved my day! It also comes with breath freshener, nail file, nail polish, nail polish remover, hair spray, tampon, deodorant, stain remover, and a few other goodies. You like to think you won't be needing to rely on the contents of this kit any time soon, but you never really know. You might want to stock up on these for your pre-holiday shopping as they make a great gift and come in a variety of colors, oh, and treat yourself to one too. You never know when the world might see your butt if you don't have this on your person at all times!

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