Lately Loving: Robyn

This isn't a new obsession and my Robyn love isn't just lately..it's everlasting. I was turned onto this video a few months ago and I've been holding out on you. I'm sorry, I promise not to do it again. Lately what I've not been loving is this little funk I'm in. We all slip into them sometimes right? Where you just don't feel yourself and it's not a particularly enjoyable experience? Yep, I'm there. I'd like to shake this feeling and I can usually rely on this video of Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend set up alongside Taran Killam from SNL. Taran is pretty amazing and this can always get me dancing (maybe at my desk..) and I can't help but smile watching this. Not sure if it's melting away my mood, but it's a good effort. I highly recommend you put whatever you're doing on hold and watch this video. If you've already seen it, that's ok- you will enjoy the subsequent viewings as much if not more than you did before!

Anyone up to get together and practice this routine? How much fun would it be if we break it out at a party or wedding down the line? You know you want to!

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