I'm obsessed! My relationship with Pinterest began less than a year ago when I was told about it by a photographer I was interviewing to shoot our wedding. I liked the idea of it, but I didn't fully embrace it or understand what to do with it at first. After taking time away from one another for awhile, I had to come back and give it another chance. It just never clicked with me before how interactive as it is, until the day that it did! You download a little pinning tool and as you browse the web and other pins, you pin photos to your various boards.

I have boards for Food, Fashion, Wedding, Home, etc. Other users can repin your pins or like them and it's beyond exciting when they do! I have followers of my boards- really, me? I love it! Some of them are friends, but some of them are strangers and that's the coolest thing ever!

Pinterest has helped me to focus on creating my new fall wardrobe and putting together a wishlist for the holidays and a birthday that is still awhile away. It served as an inspiration board while I was planning my wedding. It's a fun way to send pins to friends when I see something that reminds me of them. It's also the penultimate time waster and that's something I can fully stand behind. Are you pinteresting? Let's follow each other!

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  1. You know I'm obsessed! And I followed you from day 1, I mean how could I not when you pin the entire Anthro catalog.


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