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Angelina, Scar-Jo, Jennifer Hudson all know how to work the red carpet, this is a given! They also do seemingly well on their everyday looks. We can't all be Angie though and we can't all run out to St. John for our weekend wear.

I have found some fashion inspiration from some unlikely women recently. Funny women in particular, and one foodie woman. When I saw Tina Fey's hair at an awards show a few years ago I knew I wanted some variation of this to be my wedding hair.

Tina's Golden Globe 2011 Gorgeous Hair

My Wedding Day Hair
I always love what Gale Simmons wears on Top Chef, well  almost always, she has some off days, but she usually comes through for me. I love that she has a normal lady body and she works it with her bold prints and smart skirts.
Sleep was not in the cards for me one night last week, but luckily and Chelsea and I could get reacquainted. I love me some sassy Chelsea, but I also really loved her outfit! I knew I had to make it mine. Gloria Steinem's outfit, not so much, but you go Gloria!!

I really do love the thrill of the shop and this was a good one. So I took to my usual predictable online stores and I pieced it together! I already have camel shoes that will work, thank you Sole Society. (We will talk more about Sole Society another time, but if you haven't looked into Sole Society, please do!)
I found these pants on Banana Republic and thanks to an extra 30% off, I ended up getting the pants (which were already on sale) for $17.The Gap was also having a 30% off sale, and this sweater pulled it together.

Total outfit cost- $49+ existing shoes.

PS- After writing this post, I came across another blog by a blogger who also noticed Chelsea's cute outfit, detailing where she got each piece. I think I actually did a solid job of recreating the "look for less"- I hate myself just a little for saying look for less. Apologies, but there's just no other way of saying that! Do you have an outfit you want to recreate? Send it over and I'll do my sleuthing for you!

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