Fall Love

Fall is in full swing in LA right now. It's a little chillier and that means we can wear coats, sweaters, scarves, autumnal colors and drink pumpkin lattes. It's a good time of year! I've been incorporating some new colors into my wardrobe quite aggressively. Camel. I am loving camel! Navy and olive green. It's all about a clean, classic look for me right now with fun touches, and by fun touches- I mean accessories. Meet one of my favorite new fall accessories:  Dolce Vita Koko Flats:

DV Koko Flats

I have also been embracing fall with autumnal Essie shades. Some of my favorites are Chinchilly, Velvet Voyage, Glamour Purse (which I fell in love with at my Bliss-perience), and Ladylike. Eternal Optimist has been a long time staple, but I am enjoying changing it up a bit for the new season. Do you have any favorite nail shades? Favorite new fall looks?
Velvet Voyage
Glamour Purse

And my go to for sunnier days, Eternal Optimist

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