How Bazaar!

I have wanted to go to the Bazaar at the SLS since it opened and I never really got around to it. I thought it would be a dinner where I left hungry, broke, and sad. I had been to the SLS once before for afternoon tea and was a little disappointed. All the bites were small and not what I was hoping for a teatime experience.
I had to give the Bazaar's dinner service a chance to prove me wrong. All day I looked over Yelp pictures, read reviews, and made choices in my head (maybe not just in my head. I may have actually taken notes) of what we should order. I went in with a strategy and I was proved wrong. Very, very wrong. It's amazing. I want to go again and again, but I'd like for someone else to pay for my new Bazaar habit. We took advantage of the Dine LA Restaurant Week menu. When we left, hungry we were not!
Here's a sample of what we savored: 
Tortilla New Way
Beet Salad

Hangar Steak
We also had cocktails, dessert, and a few other dishes. I think the Philly Steak was my favorite. Who doesn't love savory meat with liquid cheese?

Philly Cheese Steak

I may have to make this a repeat visit for the next Dine LA, my stomach is already growling.

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