To Braid or Not to Braid?

Picture from The Beauty Department
Probably smells like patchouli

I am seeing braids everywhere.  They are on runways, at events, on hippies that smell like patchouli, and all over Pinterest. I'm not sure how I feel about this braid business. Braids look so cute on Blake Lively and L.C (above left and very bottom left), but not everyone can pull this off (see above to the right!). I want to like the braid, but I just don't know if I do! Braids often look sloppy and frizzy- and if you're like me with a tendency to frizz naturally, you would never purposely provoke the frizz. However, some of the braids are of a sleeker breed and I like these better, but I look like I'm in elementary school when I wear my hair like that. It might be a case of "it looks great on you, but I could never wear that." I like the modern and fresh takes on braiding, but I think I'm sitting this one out- otherwise I will walk around looking like a sloppy, frizzy 10 year old and nobody wants that!

Clean Braids: I really like these (but I would definitely look like a 10 year old)

If you are into the braids, and it's ok if YOU are, just like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad, YOU can probably pull it off! Check out The Braid Bar at Nine Zero One Salon.

Picture from The Beauty Department
I would look like a tween in this hair

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