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They say wisdom comes with age. I can see that. As I mentioned last week, I just turned dirty purdy 30 and I'm actually pretty into it. I think 30 is a great age! A lot of people have a hard time with that number, but I guess it's all about where you are in life. I know a fair amount of women who feel this pressure around 30 to be married or have kids or have a certain amount of success in their career. Some of these elements are a little out of our control or perhaps you took a little detour and it's ok. I say throw away the timeline. I do think there are a few things that us gals should really strive for by the time we turn 30!

- Find a signature lipstick. You can still play with the glosses, but find a lipstick that is YOU! Red is of the moment now, but find a shade of any color that really flatters you and makes you feel radiant.

-Learn how to wear make up, not just how to splash some color on your face, but really how to WEAR make up. Learn what colors are best for you, what techniques bring out your features, what brands you prefer, and what little tricks will save your day.

-Have a few go to hair styles in your arsenal. Going to a wedding? No problem, you got that look covered! Some hair tricks really take your style to the next level. On that note- know how to part your hair, wear or don't wear bangs, etc. Know your locks ladies!
- Know how to dress your figure. Just because belly shirts are out right now doesn't mean you need to wear them if they don't flatter your body. Actually, correction- if you're turning 30, let's just decide that you should not wear them. When you go jean shopping, there are about 10,000 choices and it's overwhelming. Now which kinds of denim and what cuts fit you best. Don't force yourself into trends and just stick to what does your body good. Learn how to accessorize and have fun with your style. On that note- you might as well get comfortable in your skin because if all goes well, you'll be around for a long time and like it or not, your shape probably won't change from curvacious to stick figure. Own it!!

- Lastly, have a perfume or a few that when other smell they think  of you. Sense of smell is so powerful and a spritz of fragrance finishes off an outfit like nothing else. Find your best scent and wear it always. If it's going to be discontinued, buy it in bulk!

I think these are a few essentials that we should really shoot for by 30.

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