Friday Night, Date Night??

It's Friday and that means it's date night! Hopefully you have something fun planned for this weekend and hopefully it won't be anything awkward- or hopefully it will and you hopefully you'll be interested in sharing all the gory weird details with us! I'm collecting any submissions of these tales and would love to hear from YOU!
We are working to roll out a series of dating disaster stories for your enjoyment- please send whatever you are willing to relive in your mind this way, email to bundtsofsteel@gmail.com.

In addition to the story, please include your first name (or let me know if you would prefer to have your name left out), your city, and your age. Of course it is also ok to change names to protect the innocent/dating-challenged.

We have some pretty funny stories in our arsenal to share and I can't wait to add your story to this collection!

Thank you!!

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