Breakfast is served

Are you a breakfast person? Do you start each and everyday with a meal to get you on your feet? My husband is a die hard breakfast man and while I didn't used to be a daily breakfast person, he's shown me the light and made a breakfast believer out of me! I especially love the weekend breakfasts- they can be a bit more leisurely, be eaten at a restaurant, and it's more appropriate to have something like french toast on a Sunday than a Wednesday. The great breakfast debate for me is sweet or savory?? It's a really hard decision and though I usually feel better after eating a savory breakfast, it's just really delicious to indulge in banana pancakes or I don't know- croissant french toast (yes, that exists, yes you should try it...we can talk about it later!) with maple syrup and a little pat of butter. However, Mexican breakfasts tend to trump any other kind of breakfast in my book and a good breakfast sandwich doesn't fall too far behind (I'm looking at you BLD)!

We stopped by Grub in Hollywood recently and had one of those nice leisurely Sunday morning breakfasts on a gloomy day and in need of something warm, a cup of coffee, and a little bite of comfort! I had been wanting to go for quite awhile, because as you know, if a Top Chef contestant is in the kitchen, I can't stay away for too long. The restaurant itself is a converted bungalow that couldn't be cuter or cozier. I took the pancake route on this day and had a few nibbles of my husband's breakfast burrito. There menu is a little more limited than I had hoped, but I liked our food quite a bit and would love to definitely go back- the egg sandwich and the french toast sound incredible!

I love that you sit down and are greeted with a bowl of fruit loops!

Berry, Berry Good Pancakes with granola cooked in

Mamacita's breakfast burrito with chorizo for the man

What do you like to eat for breakfast? What is your favorite breakfast/brunch to indulge in on the weekends?

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