I went in for the same reason I'm sure a lot of people go- I wanted to see how Cole's measures up to one of my long standing downtown favorites, Philippe's. I've had a long standing live affair with Philippe's and have been going before Dodger games with my family for years. Philippe's is a place like no other- you go and wait in line from anywhere between 5 and maybe 20 minutes, order your food with an old fashioned cafeteria looking ladies getting your choice of dip with whatever cheese tickles your fancy, maybe a side of their macaroni salad (best in LA), grab the goods and fund a seat in a booth or communal table above the sawdust covered floor and hope the mustard doesn't kill you as you devour your dip. Cole's is a different kind of downtown haunt- you wait to be seated by the hostess in the dark dining room complete with red walls and ceilings and plastered with old timey black and white photos and them smell of garlic fries wafts through the room. A waiter donning a tie and fedora comes by and takes your order from their fairly small menu. I went with a turkey dip with swiss and a side of the bacon potato salad, choosing to skip one of their classic cocktails or blood Mary's. Minutes later out food was on the table and right away the first difference was clear. What is this?? A bowl of aus jus and an undipped sandwich?! That is not what I'm used to. I like my dips predipped, all juicy and less work on my end! The sandwich is definitely good and the mustard on par with Phillipe's. Good quality meat but imams a tasty aus jus. The bacon potato salad was my highlight. Not mayo based, full of flavor, and chock full of bacon. Really nice move to add this little number to the menu.

It's hard to challenge someone's tradition and win and in this case, I have to say, I'll always be a Phillipe's girl, but I didn't mind my rendezvous with Cole's. For the record, I still think Philippe's is the ORIGINAL home of the french dip!

don't overlook this atomic pickle, not too shabby!

the real main attraction: bacon potato salad

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  1. Yeah.. I'm a Philippe's girl too. Thanks for the review! Maybe I'll try this place out one day.. maybe.


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