Lately Loving: Prime Time

Happy Hump Day! Hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly and happily for everyone. I know I've been talking about my make up routine for Lately Loving including blush, highlighter, and primer. Who doesn't need a good product recommendation from time to time? I found out about Stilla Prime Pot months ago and this has been a game changer for me. It's available in 2 shades- Taffy and Caramel. I use the Taffy and it creates a great base for my eye shadow and keeps it on all day without creasing. It also hides any veins on your eye lids and since using it, I've gotten a little lazy with my shadow routine and I now only use shadow on my lid and the rest of the eye is covered with the prime pot. Revolutionary time saver for me.
This would also be a great product if you want to just wear liner and have a very natural look to the rest of your eye, like so:

Photo from The Beauty Department

Do you use a primer for your shadow? Which do you use? We are always open to recommendations and tips!

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