Nickel Diner

Nickel Diner in downtown LA is not very new, it's not all that sexy, it doesn't have a Top Chef contestant, but it is a special place. Most of the dishes are comfort food and this is not health food. You go to Nickel Diner knowing that you are going to get an incredible, hearty bowl of chili, or the sloppiest sloppy joe. You don't go to snack on crudite. Nickel Diner is home to the maple bacon donut and it's a delicious one! It's a cozy little place that you can curl up in, eat a tasty meal, and then dive into any one of their amazing desserts.

Mural at the entry

A look at the decor

Pulled pork sandwich with onion rings

Cobb salad

Catfish with brussel sprouts and corn cakes

Dessert tray

Salty peanut butter chocolate cake

S'more cake gets flambeed!

Smells like a camp fire

Lemon Meringue on fire

A glass of milk is a must

And tucked away in the corner, the poster
from Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

Have you been to Nickel Diner? What did you think?

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