I had a 30% off code from Blackboard Eats for Yxta and after a lifetime day of craving Mexican food, it was time to check it out. After hearing good things about Yxta, I was excited to scope it out for myself. I'll admit that the driving to Yxta takes you through some seedy neighborhoods, but once inside, it's a better world- a good atmosphere, great food, and awesome cocktails!

Flag art on a large wall

Serrano Margarita

Camarones Al Ajillo - mexican sweet shrimp, mojo de ajo

Tacos Tinga de Pollo- pulled chicken with chipotle, savoy, mexican rice, frijoles olla
Rajas poblanas
While Loteria still has my Mexican food loving heart, I liked Yxta and would happily go back. It's always fun to try something new and I wasn't disappointed in the least!

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