Hipcooks West- Tapas Class

One of the more creative gifts we got for our wedding was a gift certificate to Hipcooks from 2 of our groomsmen. The Hipcooks West studio is only about a mile from our apartment and offers a variety of classes each month. We wanted to chose a class that was focused around something we don't make very often at home with the hopes of getting a few new skills and a new menu to throw into our routine. We settled on a Spanish tapas class. The menu featured garlic shrimp, tortilla espanola, sweet and spicy nuts, marinated olives, a simple salad, empanadas, and lastly, flan!

Beginning of class and flan prep.

Caramelized sugar art to adorn the flan

Pouring flan into ramekins before baking

Husband tossing nuts with brown sugar, butter, and rosemary

le nuts

Sangria- cheers!

Manchego and membrillo

Finished nuts with a sprinkle of tobasco and marinated olives

Preparing our tortilla espanola with potato, chorizo, and onions

Empanada filling with ground beef, currants, raisins,and olives

Stuffing and filling the empanadas

Beautiful finished tortilla

Garlic shrimp
Golden empanadas fresh from the oven

Fresh made hummus with a splash of sesame oil

Dinner time!

Beautiful flan with orange and vanilla bean

We left well fed, learned some new tricks, and feel more comfortable with a genre we hadn't experimented with much. R left craving more flan, what else is new?! 

Have you taken any cooking classes? What did you learn? If you're looking to try one, I'd recommend giving Hipcooks a try, it was absolutely a lot of fun and we enjoyed the company of our fellow students.


  1. Now I'm hungry again. Your blog is going to make me fat.

  2. What a great gift! That tortilla looks heavenly x kat


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