Wu Fever

There are some things that are a little shameful to discuss. Things that should only be talked about behind closed doors. A level of taboo that I should refrain from sharing in such a public forum, but for you my dears, I am willing to fully disclose what I did on Sunday morning. Ladies, it's true- I was in line for Jason Wu at Target. I woke up early to run to the loo and couldn't fall back asleep and I resigned that I would indeed by headed out to Target for the 8am opening. There are a few Targets nearby and I drove up to one and saw a line of maybe 75 people and decided the other Target had to be a better idea. WRONG! I should have stayed at Target #1, but I hoped in line at Target #2. I would be lying if I said there were only 20 people in line. There were about 100. I thought about leaving after I was in line for about 30 minutes, but I figured I had already committed to this, so I might as well wait it out. I waited for almost 2 hours to get inside. We were reassured that there were plenty of sizes and styles remaining so it seemed worthwhile. I was disappointed that the 2 dresses I really liked were sold out in my size. I was able to grab 3 tops and 1 for a friend. No scarves or bags remained. Lots of the weird cat designs were still there, as expected.  For today, here's a round up of Wu goodies!

I can't believe that I did this and I hope I get a lot of wonderful outfits from my new J.Wu tops. Did anyone else brave these crowds? Please console me and tell me SOMEONE else was crazy enough to do this! Were you able to order anything online?


  1. From the loo to the Wu! You scored. :)

  2. I had no idea that is would be the Missoni debacle all over again! I had a thought that I wanted to go check it out on Sunday but wasn't going to go early. I wish I had. By the time I got to Target, there was one shirt left. I don't even know if I would have bought much but I had wanted to at least see it! Oh well. Target wins again! :)


So happy you stopped by Bundts of Steel- I love reading your comments, so keep them coming!

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