Salt's Cure

After not hearing a single bad thing about Salt's Cure (except that it sometimes gets hot in there, which is not a deterrent) for months, it was only a matter of time before I'd check it out. I was surprised to see such a small menu, but figured since it's small, everything just must be very good. That was a safe assumption. The dishes on other tables all looked pretty solid. R wanted the Eggs, Ham, and Cheese which sounded awesome, but because of my self imposed ban on ordering the same thing as my dining partner, I had to come up with another dish. Oatmeal girddle cakes it would be. Deeeeeelicious choices all around! The ham in R's meal was so good and of course, house cured. I've never had an oatmeal griddle cake and it was such a treat- crispy edges, but oatmeally goodness on the inside.

Open Kitchen

Eggs, Ham, and Chese
Oatmeal Griddle Cakes with Apple Cinnamon Butter

As usual, R cleans his plate and mine
Have you gone to Salt's Cure? What did you think?


  1. "That's what Salt Cure's all about. Always has been, always will be." - Pam/Dana

  2. Drooooling over here! I won't be able to rest until I get my hands on some of those oatmeal griddle cakes!


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