Salmon in Lemon Bordetto with pea puree

Giada, I bow down to your culinary prowess. I love watching you on the food channel and now that I have made one of your recipes, I have a whole new respect and appreciation for you. You are not just Italian and have a sweet tooth that can rival mine, but Giada, you know what's up!
This incredible meal is without a doubt a super cheap, quick, and restaurant worthy dish! I love sushi. I love salmon sushi, but I don't always love cooked fish, especially cooked salmon. Until now. Giada's salmon in lemon bordetto with pea puree is my salmon salvation!
I started out by making the pea puree so the flavors could come together. So simple and I think I'll definitely have to make that again whether for this dish or something else. Am I the last to learn how great mint and peas go together? Then onto the lemon bordetto. I would have liked to let the sauce reduce a bit more, but it was still so delicious!Lastly I put the fish on to pan sear. Get a nice golden crust on the bottom for a crisp texture.
This recipe is really for 4 dishes. I shouldn't have poured so much of the sauce into each bowl, so that is noted for my next time with this recipe. After adding some sauce, scoop the pea puree into your dish and top with the salmon. Beautiful and so good!
I was really impressed with the flavor of this dish and took leftovers to work and it was just as good!

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