Portabello Mushroom Ravioli

I've spent most of my life with a brutal distaste for mushrooms. It started as a kid, they looked "gross" and hearing that it is fungus doesn't exactly score bonus points for the mushroom. Over the past few years I began developing a taste for these little guys. The crimini was my introductory mushroom. From there I sort of came to peace with having mushrooms tucked away IN my food: IN a sauce, IN lasagna, IN a quesadilla. A few weeks ago, a whole new phenomenon took place: I had a mushroom craving. WHAT? Shocking. Trader Joes, as usual, aided in this quest. I picked up their portabello mushroom ravioli.
After cooking the ravioli, I drizzled olive oil, black flake salt, pepper, and sprinkled some grana padana cheese on top. So simple and so satisfying.. mmm...mmmmushrooms!

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