Carmelized Banana and Pecan Waffles

Celebration- I found my George Foreman Grill. It's one of the multi purpose grills with various plates, including a waffle griddle. I was unable to find my grill for awhile, but stumbled across it about 2 weeks ago and knew waffles were in order for the weekend. Once again, thank you Trader Joe's for providing me with your multi grain pancake and waffle mix for me to make the waffles with. Crucial note- when making waffles- butter or cooking spray on the waffle plates is not a step to be sacrificed... messy things happen when you don't do this!

Once the waffles are underway- it's banana and pecan carmelizing time! I took 2 bananas, sliced them into bite size pieces and rolled them around in some sugar. I heated up just a bit of butter in a skillet and in went the sugary bananas. You'll know when they start carmelizing. They get golden and a most heavenly banana caramel smell fills the air. Let them get a golden bottom and then flip them and throw in some pecans. Caramel will fill up in the bottom of the pan and can coat the pecans. Take them out when they are nice and golden.
They tend to get a little disintegrated and mushy, although still delicious, when you leave them in for too long. Spoon them over some waffles with some butter and or syrup and breakfast/brunch is served!

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