Thursdays Jam Day

The other day a friend needed some cheering up and a few things are guaranteed pick me ups for me, so I thought I'd try to help up. My top pick me ups usually involve- a sweet treat, a shopping trip, 90's music, and some kind of pampering treatment, tv time, and time with people who make me laugh. Well, I didn't have access to all of the above, but I can certainly help by sending her some music on Spotify. I stuck to the 90s because that gets me dancing (at my desk, in my chair) and it's just pure fun- this is the music that takes me back to the days of Dawson's Creek and tea parties with my BFF in high school! I thought I'd share the playlist with those of you who have Spotify as well and if you're already in a good mood I hope this will keep it going all day long and if you need some cheering- listen to this and then buy yourself something from Sephora (like this, this, or this) or some shoes(like these, these, or these)!

You can check out the 90stastic playlist I made for your listening pleasure right here!I know my musical taste from the 90s ranges from a little En Vogue, to No Doubt, to Stone Temple Pilots- and everything in between. Don't forget to let us know what you think of our 90s favorites. What are some of your favorite 90s songs?

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