JR's Barbeque

Living in Los Angeles certainly has it's ups and downs. Downs are mostly traffic and expensive rents, but one of the big pros is the variety of restaurants and the really great quality of food we get. I wouldn't say LA is really a BBQ town, but I also wouldn't say that it isn't. Us Angelenos definitely love BBQ, but we aren't a city that is oozing with great BBQ spots. Note to future restauranteurs- consider going into BBQ, there's clearly a shortage. We have been driving by the hole in the wall that is JR's Barbeque for quite some time and finally went for it. I usually only post about my most favorite dining experiences, and in an effort to always be honest with you, I'll just  lay it out there the way things are. I wouldn't say this was mind blowing, but it was good and satisfied the craving. I went for a pulled pork sandwich (of course) and it wasn't really hitting the flavors I was hoping for. This was saucy (and who doesn't like saucy?), but it was lacking the vinegar kick I really look for in my BBQ sauces. I'll be the first to say I haven't dug into every BBQ stand in LA, but I would enjoy that experience! Most of the BBQ I've enjoyed comes from the best places- backyard grills and it started with my dad's BBQ when I was young, which still is up there on my list. I'll also throw Baby Blues BBQ in on my list of favorite BBQ spots, especially for it's pulled pork. The food is always fresh and flavorful and I love their XXX BBQ sauce! Back to JR's- the atmosphere is quaint and well, straight forward. The food hits the spot, but I don't know how soon I'll be back. The service however is very friendly.

If you have a favorite BBQ spot nearby, I think you know I want to go. So don't be greedy and keep your secrets to yourself- spill it!

corn muffin

pulled pork sandwich and beans
Brisket with coleslaw and potato salad


Now tell us, where do you go for BBQ?

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