Apple Tarte Tatin

When you're Jewish, few things are more important at a gathering than good shoes and food. Because I love to bake and others have come to hope I come with a dessert in hand, I knew I needed to pull off something special for a Rosh Hashanah dinner over the weekend. As apples are traditional for this time of year, I remembered that I've been wanting to make an apple tarte tatin for some time and this seemed like the perfect occasion. So apple tarte tatin it was and I have to say, it was delicious! You can find the recipe for this tasty confection here.

Start with about 7 peeled apples, quartered.

Melting butter
Sugar whisked in with butter
Nicely arranged apples caramelized in your butter and sugar mixture
Topped and baked with puff pastry


Next time I make this I want to get a deeper caramelization on my apples to get a little more texture, but I'm really happy with my first endeavor in tarte tatin-ing.

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