Mercato di Vetro

Holy mother of all that is good and right with food! I think I've stumbled into a delicious kind of heaven and I don't want to leave. Mercato di Vetro might be hip and trendy which sometimes makes me weary of the quality of food, but this is a serious exception. The cocktails were great and clearly I'm a fan of the food! The ambiance is nice- hip, but comfortable. Definitely the kind of place I would happily spend an evening on a weekly basis. My only regret is that I didn't come with 6 people so we could have tried more dishes. I have a feeling that this will be a repeat occurrence and I look forward to the feats that lie ahead. I can't choose a highlight here, sorry. Everything we tried was delicious and I'd gladly order every item again!

Blood orange martini and Uva Bella

Asparagus crostini with truffle, brown butter, ricotto, guanciale
Kale crostini with pine nuts and currants

Artichokes- sadly this is dimly like and pictures don't do
flavor justice, but these were awesome
Burrata with roasted grapes
Blackberry and bacon pizza may sound like an unlikely pair,
but this comes together in a perfect blend of sweet and savory.
Arancini stuffed with pistachio, peas and fontina
A messy look at the interior of an arancini

Basil lemoncello
Truffle salt margarita
Did someone say fresh doughnut holes?
Seriously..my stomach is growling. I need to go now because I can't handle it!

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