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Olay Body Ultra Moisture Body Wash: A Review

For most of my life I was a Dove bar soap girl. I have no real reason for this loyalty and looking back now, I realize all the skin moisture I have lost out on. I slowly evolved into a body wash girl. I picked up a few of these "sponges" for application purposes: 

I'm showing you a picture because I don't know what they are called. Feel free to enlighten me!!

So after picking up a few of "those" I purchased Trader Joe's Body Wash that was grapefruity and supposed to awaken your life or something. It smelled lovely and all, but I basically bought it because it was on the cheap. I do this a lot. I don't bat an eyelash for some expensive products, like make-up and shoes, but when it comes to things that I should be spending $6-$7 on, I freak out and opt for the $2 route. I'm never satisfied either. And I wasn't satisfied. For a while. A long while. 

Then, one day while walking through the new City Target in Westwood on my lunch break with none other than Bundts of Steel's Editor-in-Chief, Desiree Jacobs, I decided it was time to break free of the meh body wash. I'm a mostly grown-up woman. I deserve to splurge on a $6 body wash! And Desiree, being Desiree, had the answer for me: Olay Body Wash. 

Desiree uses Olay Quench Body Wash, which she likes very much. I opted for the Ultra Moisturizer because...I just did. The result: AMAZE!

Very little is needed to create a thick, rich lather. Let me emphasize thick and rich. Wow. The best way to describe this body wash is to call it a body lotion wash. It's incredibly thick and nourishing, but washes off with ease. Also, you can feel the moisture on you post shower/bath, but you aren't greasy or coated in a layer of anything. There is a very faint jasmine scent to it, but nothing on the bottle confirms this, so this might just be my nose. I happen to be a fan of a very faint jasmine smell, so this worked out perfectly for me. 

In conclusion, go to your nearest Walgreens, Ralphs, Target, or whatever you have in your city/town of residence and buy some. It promises complete nourishment after five uses, though I noticed a difference after one. I'm crazy for this stuff. Did you hear that Olay, I'M CRAZY FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!! (So, send me some free ones!!)

NB: My grandmother, who lived to be almost 94, used Oil of Olay ever day for almost 50 years. Up until she passed away, she had gorgeous, amazing skin. There is something to be said for this Olay brand.  

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