Hello Fall!

Bring on the fall! Can you tell by recent posts that I am just aching for the temperatures to dip a tad? While the real start of fall is just under 3 weeks away, labor day is the unofficial farewell to summer. It's been a good summer here- about a month's worth of scorching days, several trips to the beach, weekend getaways, and lots of great memories with friends. I have fully enjoyed the past few months, but I really just want to curl up in a sweater and jeans and slip on some boots. Living in Los Angeles, we have probably another month before we really embrace the autumn season, but I think I'll sneak in a few fall accessories here and there to ease into the changing season. Bring on the navy, the camel, the tortoise shell, the darker nail polish, soup, and the booties!
Fall perfection- camel coat, big bag, skinny jeans, gold accessories
This outfit screams of my favorite fall wears- chambray, black jeans, leopard flats

Fall flannel
Nutella Pudding - OK!
Looking for a way to wear all those colorful jeans you bought over the summer? Look here!
Break out the military jackets
 What are your favorite ways to enjoy fall?

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  1. I love that first photo because 1) that coat and bag are awesome but mostly 2) it totally looks like that girl just said, "Here, hold my dog, long necked dude that borrowed my jeans, I'm going to go strut like a bad ass."


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