Jar: Jarringly Delicious

As much as I want to be fancy and like fancy food and think one chefs foam is better than another chefs foam, I'm not. I keep it real. I admit to people that I haven't a slightest idea what a Veloute really is and still feel like I don't pronounce Charcuterie correctly. Whatever though. I'll try anything once (mostly), and if it tastes good, I'll eat it. 

I'm very fed up with these high brow restaurants serving these small, nothing of content, plates. I'm a meat and potatoes girl. If I'm going to pay a crazy amount of money for a meal, I want to leave feeling like I actually ate something. After my experience at Suzanne Tracht's Jar, I can say with complete lack of any food reviewing experience, that this was one of the best meals I have had in a very long time. 

My friend and I split a Gilt City offer, which if they have again, I suggest you scoop up. $115 got us each a cocktail, a choice of soup or salad (not to be confused with a Super Salad, which is what I thought they were saying for years when I was a child), a main course and a dessert. Through the special, we only had a small pick of what we could order as opposed to anything on the menu, but lucky for me, what they were offering is exactly what I would have ordered anyway. 

Let's start with the cocktails. I'm not a big drinker. Actually, I don't really drink at all. Alcohol tastes like...well alcohol. It's abrasive to me. It also turns my face beet red and makes my chest feel like it's caving in on itself, but every now and then, I try it again in hopes that my body doesn't reject it. The two choices we were given didn't appeal to me or my friend. Batting our eyelashes, we asked if substitutions were allowed. They weren't, but the server was so awesome, he gave us full reign of the cocktail menu. Friend ordered vodka on the rocks. The thought makes me queasy. I asked our amazing server what tastes the least like alcohol. He didn't really have an answer, but I decided on their Bug Juice. A-MAZE-BALLS. I could seriously become an alcoholic if these were made readily available to me. 

Bug Juice: hangar one raspberry vodka, lychee juice, pomegranate juice and fresh lime

I just met you, and this is crazy, but you're delicious. So, call me, maybe?

Next up was a squash soup. Unfortunately I'm not a real food blogger, so I don't remember what specific type of squash it was and then I ate it forgetting I was supposed to take a photograph. Whoopsie. But, don't worry, my friend took a picture of it so I just stole it from her Instagram. 

Warm, dark, and delicious

It was a dark squash and had what I think were fried shallots on top. It was so delicious and so perfect for a fall evening...even though it was probably 80 degrees at 8 at night. Big ups to the soup.

Finally, we got to my favorite part of the meal, the main dish. Without even considering the other option, which I think was a fish dish, I got the pot roast. There is something so All-American about pot roast. It's just so wholesome. I wanted to eat this pot roast while baking an apple pie and voting.  

I love you pot roast. You're my bestest friend evers.

Not on our prix fixe, but we went for it anyway were 3 side dishes: Asparagus, purple yams with crème fraîche and chives and, of course, french fries! The fries were really, really good. I'm a bit of a fry expert and these get my blessing. The asparagus was...well it was just asparagus. And finally, the purple yams. It was tasty, but didn't blow my mind. I would go for the creamed spinach or creamed corn next time. 

Roasted apple bread pudding, I like you, just the way you are. 

Needless to say I left feeling slightly sick, but in a good way. Feeling sick after eating McDonald's = not in a good way. Feeling sick after eating an incredible meal worth it's price = a good way. 

I love Jar. I think it was an incredible meal. I know Gilt offers deals there a lot, so take advantage. You will not be disappointed. FACT!

Also, sorry about the crap photography. I didn't want to be THAT PERSON and turn the flash on. Those people piss me off. They also then post that picture on Facebook to make other's jealous. That's not very nice of them. 

Viva la Jar! 

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