Fall frenzy!

I've never been apple picking, but it's been on my to do list for some time. I have major jealousy toward my East Coast friends who are partaking in what I have only read about- apple cider donuts. I love apple cider and who doesn't love a fresh donut?! My Facebook feeds indicate that pumpkin patches are also in their peak season and many of your children are taking very cute photos propped up on over sized pumpkins (you know who you are little cuties!) and now I'm craving pumpkin pie! Ah, indeed Fall is here and along with it has come an extremely busy and hectic pace that has kept me rather preoccupied. I'd like to track down an apple cider donut (if any of you in LA find one, please don't keep the secret to yourself) and reacquaint myself with my daily posting schedule- here's to hoping anyway!

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