All in the Name of a Good Pedi!

I've had my share of manicures and pedicures that run the gamut from the cheap nail place on the corner to high end spas on vacation. It's one of my favorites indulgences to partake. I love a massage even more, but that I'm stingier on treating myself to. Hint hint, facials too! I've had only a handful of nail treatments that stand out in my mind as "excellent" and ladies and germs, I have another one to add to this exclusive list of top notch pampering indulgences. It should come as no surprise that Burke Williams would treat a girl right from her head to her toes and while I had previously been treated to the delight that is their massage experience, I finally discovered what lies in the secret pedicure room and now I'm left daydreaming for more! Clearly I don't have pictures of this as that would impede on my priority of relaxation and melting into the chair, but I can paint a picture for you of what makes the Burke Williams Pedicure so outstanding and special!

1- A three person pedicure room. Ladies, and well healed gentlemen, you know it's not relaxing when you walk into a nail salon with 30 stations. Imagine the privacy of only two other people. It's soothing and lovely. Simply lovely.

2- When you sit down you are given this soft cloth full of warm oats to drape over your neck and just when you thought that felt oh so delicious they drape another larger towel sized one over your body so your lady bits don't poke out of your spa robe.

3- The spa foot tub. This is not an ugly plastic one, oh no, it's iridescent and glass and shiny- again, it's lovely. A little dates as it may be, but it's lovely none the less! The water temperature is perfect.

4- Sophia. That was my girl and she was an angel sent to Burke Williams from heaven to gently care for my soles. She had the softest touch, even with a file and callus remover(not that I need that!) that usually causes me a slight cringe- not in Sophia's hands. Her foot massage melted away my stress which as of late has been piling up.

5- Paraffin. MMMMHHHMMM. I love a little trip into the paraffin dip. Hot, a little too hot, but not painful. Paraffin= softness.

6- Nail polish trays. Sophia kindly asked me my preference in color and then brought over trays of color that might meet my standards and I selected OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark as we are no stranger to one another. Her polish application was also impeccable. Thank you Sophia!

7- Good magazines. Harpers Bazaar and House Beautiful.

This was a gift certificate from friends for my birthday and I have to say- boys, you done good! This was a real treat and I have to say with the pedicure being $50, it's not out of the question to make a repeat visit. Ladies- who's with me??

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