House of Seafood

A house of seafood? Sounds like a house I want to make a home. The weekend plans took us out to Carson to the Home Depot Center to watch some racing at the velodrome. After watching some cycling, our tummies were a-growling and the in house options weren't looking to tasty. Time to do some research...and hello there House of Seafood, you look like a tasty option. House of Seafood is in a funky off the beaten path strip mall, not too far from Ikea, and beams like a seafood beacon in the night. We were drawn in by the seafood boil and if this was going to be anything close to the level of The Boiling Crab, then we were in for a treat. We kicked off our seafood extravaganza with a plate of oysters, followed by bags of shrimp and crawfish, or maybe you call them crawdads?! Before digging in, the table was lined with a paper table cloth and we suited up with latex gloves and plastic bibs.

Peaking into the depths of the bag o' crawfish
husband looking mighty excited about what is about to happen
getting the gloves on because it's about to get dirty

the damages
Days have gone by and I think I still smell like the excessive garlic from this meal. All in all, this was a pretty tasty meal. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

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