Three Shows I Was Probably Too Old To Love


Everyone these days has guilty pleasure shows. Some keep their love of the Kardashians under wraps (not me). Some people don't admit to much of the Bravo programming they have on their DVR (again, not me). And some will claim they never even heard of a show, only to probably be the shows biggest fan. I own my TV watching, so I don't shy away from saying that I love crappy TV. But, it wasn't always like this. 

In my later teen years and early twenties I had three shows that I was obsessed with: Bug Juice, Flash Forward and Ready or Not. I think I shared this love with a few super close friends, but that was it. These shows were amazing, but I was probably too old for them. Most of my shows back then centered around characters that were older than me. Beverly Hills, 90210. Friends. Sex and the City. All of those shows depicted characters that I was supposed to look up to. Yes, Kelly Taylor was a role model! Donna Martin scared me straight out of drinking on prom night. Rachel Green made me think I could live in New York on a waitress' salary and get a job at Bloomingdale's by sending a printed resume through the actual U.S. Postal Service. And how depressing is it that I am now older than the cast of Friends was back then. They were SO OLD to me! 

Back to the point at hand. I wasn't supposed to be watching shows about 13 year old's when I was legally allowed to buy cigarettes. Now that I'm all grownsed up, I'm confident enough to share these amazing shows with you. Awesomely enough, you can watch all of these shows via YouTube. You're welcome. 

Bug Juice

I never went to sleep away camp. This is one of the greatest regrets I have in my life. I was too much of a pussy to leave my home for more than a night. LAME. My adventurous streak sent me to day camp...all the way in Malibu! Totes far away. Not! I totally just brought back "not". 

Enter Bug Juice. I must have been in my late teens when this show premiered on the Disney Channel. I was immediately obsessed. Why was I watching the Disney Channel at 19 years old, I don't know. And sadly, this was way before the days of DVR and even before the days of being able to see what you were watching without having to go to the TV Guide Channel and wait for the scroll to show what was on. I actually made a point to watch this show at a regularly scheduled time.

Bug Juice is the true life adventures of pubescent teens at Camp Waziyatah in Maine. The show centered around a girls cabin and a boys cabin and all the early teen drama that happened. Was Lauren going to pass her swim test? Were Stephanie and Connor going steady? Was camp counselor Luna going to teach them how to make candles? I was glued to the TV!

The best part about Bug Juice though was the theme song. It's really a model for how to live life and I think we should always take time out of our hectic lives to remember the prolific lyrics. After all, bug juice doesn't come in a jar, bug juice comes from who you are. Amen.

Flash Forward

Before he became a respectable actor starring in such works as the INCREDIBLE Six Feet Under and Alpha Dogs, Ben Foster, to me, was Tucker James, best friend of Becca Fisher. He was adorbz. Now, less so, but let's not dwell on that. 

Flash Forward was about two best friends, Tucker and Becca, who were in middle school. They each had their respective same sex friends, but it was all about Tucker and Becca. The IMDB page describes the show as being about how the two narrate the ups and downs of middle school while comparing it to moments from when they were little. True. 

I'm not sure how old I was at the time, but I remember spending one New Years Eve watching a marathon of this show and I had never been happier. I can't believe I just admitted that. Pound sign: Keepin' It Realz.

Like most Canadian teen shows from the 90's, Ryan Gosling makes an appearance, so you ladies out there make sure to keep an eye out. Also, a creepy TVphile, (aka me), will also notice that Becca's sister is played by the girl who played Cher on the TV version of Clueless.

Ready or Not

I love me some Bug Juice, and I really like me some Flash Forward, but Ready or Not...well, Ready or Not is beyond special in my heart. I can't really articulate it, which is unfortunate for someone trying to write about it, but sometimes words just cannot do your feelings justice.

Ready or Not is about Amanda and Busy, who are of course, best friends. Amanda is the girly one. She loves clothes and boys and writes poetry. She's also Jewish. Score for the Jews. Busy, real name Elizabeth, is the tomboy. She loves to play the drums and skateboard. Amanda is an only child while Busy has three older brothers and comes from a large Italian family.Opposites attract obviously.

This show captures those awkward early teen years so perfectly. Some of my favorite episodes involve Amanda stealing a sweater so she can look like the popular girls. Amanda and Busy throwing a party while parents were out of town and them buying non-alcoholic beer to look cool. Busy's dating life with boys, which made me chuckle because it was so obvious she was a little lesbian. There was even an episode about anorexia! But those don't compare to my favorite episode where BUSY GETS HER PERIOD!

In the episode, Busy is having a tough time. She's really moody. I wonder why? While playing the drums in her orchestra class she complains of having a stomach ache and runs in her white pants to the bathroom. In there she finds two of the popular girls and explains to them that she's bleeding between her legs and must  go to the hospital!! No, Busy, you just have your period. Calm down.

The episode is just everything I want in a "my first period" episode. Amanda is jealous that Busy has her period and she doesn't. Busy refers to her period as the curse. Busy's mom is out of town and her dad has to go buy her pads. Upon her return, Busy's mom tells her it's a blessing. It's just such quality TV.

Last Christmas, oops, I mean Hanukkah, I purchased the entire series that someone had recorded and then transferred to DVD. I felt like the transaction was a little sketchy, but it turned out fine. It was amazing revisiting this series. Amanda and Busy grew up so much over the course of the years...and I guess I have also.

Again, this was a Canadian show...so keep your eyes open for a young Ryan Gosling.

ONE last thing. The theme song for this show rivals that of Bug Juice. It's full of life lessons. I'll post it here for you. Again, you're welcome: Ready or not - Can't wait another day - A little in shock What'll your mother say? But here we go anyway Now I'll see what you got Give it your own style Give me a little smile Everything's better now When we go Ready or not.

Now, keep in mind this was before Google, so I didn't know what the hell they were saying. "A little in shock" - I thought they were saying A Ritalin Shot? At the time I thought the idea of getting a shot of Ritalin was brillz. 

I have included the first 10 amazing minutes of Busy's Curse. If you don't take my advice and watch the whole series, at least do yourself a favor and watch this 10 minute clip. Enjoy. 

So...that's my little confession. And you want another confession? If these shows premiered this year, at the age I am now, I would still watch them and enjoy them just as much, because I'm shameless and don't care. I watch Downton Abbey. I love The West Wing. I think it's all about balance people.

BONUS!!! Someone on YouTube was amazing and made a "Where are they now?" video of the campers and counselors of Bug Juice. These little babies are now lawyers and mothers and fathers and it was such a great YouTube find. It's very reminiscent of the Six Feet Under finale when you find out what happens in the future...but real!!!!!

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